Foreclosure And REO

Andrews & Cox, P.C. d/b/a Bleecker Brodey & Andrews represents mortgage lenders enforcing delinquent mortgage loans throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. When appropriate, the firm promotes the client's interest by arranging for deeds in lieu of foreclosure, loan modifications and other home retention techniques.

Foreclosure and default litigation is not only time consuming but costly. Our goal is to save client time and money without compromising the quality of our work product. By bringing together all the necessary components of foreclosure and loss mitigation into one resource, we reduce timelines, transition periods and eliminate redundancy.  This improved efficiency turns a difficult situation into a controllable one by reducing monetary and financial costs and maintaining client expectations.

BB&A offers the following foreclosure and REO Services:

  • Foreclosure processes from Complaint to Sheriff's Sale;
  • Second lien\mortgage defense and procurement of funds;
  • Evictions and writs of assistance;
  • Preparation of forbearance agreements & loan modifications;
  • Provide deeds in lieu of foreclosure;
  • Conclude title/deed issues;
  • Coordination of REO closing, preparation and review of closing documents;
  • Refer property to REO servicers;
  • Obtain preliminary title work;
  • Bankruptcy research and resolution through Lift of Stay, Agreed Entries and claimant representation; 
  • Receive and review title report;
  • Initiate resolution of title and property tax issues;
  • Sheriff sale document preparation and attendance;
  • Provide sale results and third party documents in a timely manner