Elder Law

Andrews & Cox, P.C. d/b/a Bleecker Brodey & Andrews provides the following services for older clients:

- Guardianship Services
- Long-Term Care Planning
- Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Advocacy
- Planning for People with Disabilities

The firm’s focus on the estate planning and the public benefits needs of individuals and families enables us to be particularly sensitive to the multiple stresses that these individuals and families confront on a daily basis, which are compounded by the complexities of the American legal and health care systems.  We help our clients navigate these systems by providing answers when they are hard to find and identifying solutions to the client’s particular needs and goals.

These services are provided by attorney Mike Andrews and paralegal Wendy Stokes.  Mike has over 25 years experience in estate planning and related fields.  Wendy has over 20 years experience as a paralegal focused on the area of legal services for older citizens.

What follows is a more detailed description of the legal services Andrews & Cox, P.C. d/b/a Bleecker Brodey & Andrews provides:

GUARDIANSHIP SERVICES: We represent clients seeking guardianships or limited protective proceedings over minors or over relatives who can no longer manage their personal or financial affairs.  We also assist family members in fulfilling the duties imposed on them in these new roles.

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION: We provide full representation of fiduciaries administering estates.  Probate administration includes filing the petition for probate of will and appointment of the personal representative (executor or executrix), preparing and filing an inventory of estate assets, paying the decedent’s (deceased person) debts, filing tax returns, preparing and filing a final accounting with the Probate Court, distributing assets and preparing and filing a supplemental report with the Probate Court.  If allowed by the Will, a process called unsupervised administration may be used which requires most of the same steps, but without as much Probate Court involvement.  If the decedent died with less than $50,000 in probate assets, a small estate procedure may be used in lieu of formal probate administration.

MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND VETERANS ADVOCACY: We prepare and/or assist in the preparation and submission of the Medicaid application to the appropriate unit of the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).  At the client’s request, we handle all communication with FSSA, thereby removing the individual as much as possible from the tedious and often frustrating application process.  In addition, we represent clients in connection with Medicaid and Medicare appeals in administrative hearings and before the applicable Court.  We prepare and/or assist in the preparation and submission of the Veterans Benefits application to the appropriate unit of Veterans Administration.

PLANNING FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: We assist clients with disabilities with legal planning for their long-term needs.  We also advise parents or other family members of disable persons on how they can effectively provide for them, with careful regard for preserving Medicaid and other public benefits.  The firm provides information about planning options, drafts special needs and supplemental needs trusts and other documents as appropriate, and advises trustees of trusts for the benefit of disabled persons concerning trust administration.

A Partner in Planning

Most of us hope for life’s road to be smooth. We work to provide for our own security and to leave a legacy for those who follow.  This legacy can include financial provisions, but also our wisdom, values and culture.

We can only achieve this through careful preparation. However, illness or disability can devastate our financial security and failure to provide appropriate direction can affect our quality of life if we’re disabled.  It can also affect the legacy – financial and otherwise – we leave behind.  A carefully crafted estate plan can ensure your wishes are carried out.

With his paralegal, Wendy Stokes, Mike can also partner with you to address the unique issues we face as we or loved ones age in a world of increasing complexity.

Mike also welcomes the opportunity to work with other members of your planning team such as financial advisors, accountants, health care professionals and others, to provide a comprehensive solution to your specific needs.

He is passionate about helping his clients and welcomes the chance to talk to you about how he can be your partner to plan for your life and legacy.

How Mike Can be Your Partner

- Free Initial Consultation
- No “selling-up.”  Mike will look at your circumstances and tell you what you do need
and, more importantly, what you don’t need
- A custom-designed estate plan: will-based or trust-based, to address your needs and
- Reasonable Fees
- Payment Plans
- Program for Free Wills for Young Families
- Practices in Elder law and related areas
- Assistance with funding trusts
- Legacy planning for those interested in leaving behind more than just material assets
- If you can’t come to Mike for health reasons, he will do his best to come to you.