Today’s bankruptcy laws are more confusing then ever! Often, creditors simply give up once someone files bankruptcy. They make the incorrect assumption that they can’t get the money they deserve. A bankruptcy filing DOES NOT automatically mean you will never get paid. There are ways to get that money while protecting your interests. Don’t give up! Let our firm handle your credit problems in bankruptcy.

Andrews & Cox, P.C. d/b/a Bleecker Brodey & Andrews can help you:

Fight lowball values the debtor tries to give you for the vehicles, personal property, real estate, or other items you financed for them. Everyday, debtors in bankruptcy try to short-change creditors by low-balling “fair market value” with “unfair” valuations. Many times, this is just some number that the debtor made up, and it isn’t based on any real evidence. You don’t have to just accept it when debtors try to do this to you! You can fight it.

Petition the Bankruptcy Court for a ruling that will require the debtor to pay you what they owe. It can happen! Let us help you decide what protection there is for you. We provide full service bankruptcy assistance, including the following:

  • Attending the first meeting of the Creditor’s (a/k/a the 341 Meeting);
  • Preparation & filing of Proof of Claims forms;
  • Preparation of, filing, & attending hearings on Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay;
  • Objections to Debtors' Chapter 13 Plans
  • Preparation & filing of Objections to Discharge;
  • Attending Bankruptcy & Adversary Hearings;
  • Preparation & filing Reaffirmation Agreements.